Special Events

Workshops 2019:

 Uncovering : January 18-20th, 2019
an Open Floor exploration with Joseph Machado and Cynthia Kennedy 
Did you ever think you knew something about yourself, but over time, realized it wasn't true? Or, have you ever found yourself reacting automatically to someone and then been surprised by who they are?

Sometimes we don't realize how much we cover up what's going on under the surface. We were born where we were born and we grew up how we did, in a family we did not choose, exposed to the media and a society that we had no control over. Because of that, we all have biases, regardless of our gender, race, sexuality, class, age, size, or religion, many of which are unconscious. These biases shape our physical bodies as our brains make sense of life through split-second reactions, using only cues in appearance and behavior. From the way we hold ourselves, to how much space we take up, to how we make love and more, our body is constantly sending us messages about who and how we should be in the world. 

In this workshop, we will use the dynamic Open Floor movement practice to let the dance lead us to the places these biases -- particularly our biases about assigned gender roles -- may be covering our true expression.

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